A Christ-Centered School with the Bible

taught as part of the curriculum.  We have

a safe, nurturing environment where your

child will get the attention and care that

he or she needs.  Our plan is to be licensed in

the State of Alabama as a Daycare facility

within the first year of operation while still

meeting or exceeding all health and

safety guidelines.


Our ratio of children to teachers is always

within state guidelines and often lower.  

You can rest assured that your child will

be cared for with the utmost kindness,

love and respect.  We believe every

child is a gift from God and we treat

themas though they were our own. 

Learning Environment
A well designed child care environment inspires inquisitiveness and enhances learning.  From small classrooms to low teacher-to-student ratio, we provide a secure environment for children to learn, explore and grow.
Cleanliness is important to us, so we take significant precautions to prevent the spread of germs!
Safety & Security
Providing a safe and secure child care environment is our top priority.  KOTR will have safe and secure policies that will be strictly enforced.
A variety of nutritious snacks are provided each day that meat the guidelines of the Federal Governments Food Program.  We serve a morning and afternoon snack and ask that you provide breakfast and lunch for your child.
When children play hard, they need a comfortable, quiet place to nap.  All our kids will rest on cots, that we provide.  Blankets, sheets, and pillows from home are always welcome to help the children relax.
Your child will be a part of developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day.  Children will enjoy the playground, unless it is raining, in which they will enjoy more activities while inside.